Thursday, July 23, 2009

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1675. A carbide bicycle lamp, works similar to a miner's lamp:

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1676. According to the owner, it's an auto mechanics's torque wrench for use on water pumps, but this page has one that was used for testing tractor pinion shaft tension.

1677. A wrench used for turning grease cups, the patent states:
...formed to include an elongated handle and socketed head portion, the latter comprising a plurality of tapering, separated finger elements which are formed internally to provide a substantially conical concavity, the walls of the latter being stepped to produce a plurality of sockets of varying diameters, whereby the wrench will be capable of firmly gripping for rotation various sized threaded bodies, and the openings formed between the finger elements being capable of receiving the handle members of the type found upon grease cups of certain formation,...

As seen in this patent drawing, there are ridges on the inside:

A grease cup is a small cup over a bearing in machinery for holding a supply of grease for lubrication, turning the cup forces grease down the shaft. These could be turned by hand, the tool seen above was used when the cups were hard to reach.

1678. A fisherman's snelled hook holder, the hooks are held by the notches at the end and the line attached to the hook is placed in the slots at the other end. A snelled hook is one which has had a line tied to it with a snell knot.

1679. A slack wire fence tightener, patent number 548,420.

1680. A dart aerial gunnery target, this dart tow-target was fired upon by F-84F pilots of the 162nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Ohio Air National Guard, Springfield, Ohio, during 1968 summer training exercises in Michigan. It was towed behind another airplane on 1,500 to 2,000 feet of cable and was equipped with a radar reflector to permit the use of radar gunsights. It was returned to earth by parachute upon completion of a gunnery mission. The damage was caused by .50-cal. bullets.

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